The Party Shade

So I stumbled across this cool light shade and had to share.

What a cool idea. Now every time you turn on the light you have a party in your room.

Avaliable from OOOMS, a design due from The Netherlands who focus on products for in and around the home.

Other products designed include roadkill carpet:

and the Rebellious Cabinet with drawers that can never be completely closed.

Interesting and slightly weird, or should I say unique?

Sorry about the lack of posts, i have been busy with a business idea.

Two tone flooring

What do you think of this room? It is styled by Alexia Biggs and it grabbed my attention as soon as i came across it because I like the calm feel and neutral tones. Then I looked a bit closer and realised it had two toned flooring. Different huh?

I would never think to deliberately do this to a floor, more than likely if I were faced with a situation like this, say after removing a wall, I would make the floor match on both sides. Either by painting the whole lot white, or sanding back and re staining the white to match the darker colour. But now I know that a room with two floors can look wonderful. Try this. Hold up your hand over the photo and block the dark wood floor from your vision. The room looks kind of stark and bland right. Now do the same thing but cover the white floor…………… again, it’s ok, but there is no wow factor.  Lean back and admire the picture in full……………I’m right huh. It is just perfect with the different coloured floor.

I just love the way this room looks in general. The balance achieved by putting the white sheepskin on the dark floor. The use of different bedside tables. The mimicking of round pieces in the bedside table, light and accessories. The neutral tones and natural woods giving the room an earthy and peaceful feel. The way she has used natural soft materials to add warmth, and a pendant light to reduce the ceiling height. Ahhhhh, i think it is perfect.

So there you go, if you are ever faced with a dilemma of non matching floors take inspiration from this room.

This cool link will allow you to get a colour astrology for your birth date. How fun.


I have looked at ezibuy on and off in the past but have never bought anything. Not long ago i discovered (realised) that they also do homewares. So today i remembered and went to have a little look at their latest things. I am shocked to discover a number of things that i would love to buy. I have no idea what the quality they would be like though. Maybe i just need to go ahead and order something to see.

Here are my favourites:

The Mindy Quilt.

Calypso Cushion Pack

Ceramic Flower Pot

Kids Cape Cod Chairs

Cape Cod Chairs

Santa Sacks

I just managed to finish sewing a couple of Santa sacks. One for my daughter and one for my nephew. In my family it was a bit of a tradition to place a pillow case out for Santa to fill on Christmas eve so i wanted to continue this tradition with my baby girl. I thought it might be nice to personalise them though, so i added a bit of Christmas cheer.

Probably should have ironed them before i took the photos, but i was so excited to have them finished!

Bed, Bath & Table

A few years ago when i was backpacking around the world, i discovered Bed, Bath and Beyond. I was in HEAVEN. I swear i have never seen such a huge store devoted to just tableware, curtains, bedspreads, towels, bathroom bits and pieces and more. For you fellow Aussies it’s like the Manchester section of spotlight, but four times the size (well the store i went into was anyway). We arrived in  LA after 18 months of traveling with just a 55 litre backpack each, and they were stuffed to the brim. You can imagine how i felt seeing all these different and new products that we couldn’t get back home, not to mention the fact i was starved of luxury items after backpacking for 18 months. The biggest luxury we were used to was checking into a hostel that had hot water. It was a fantastic, life changing, eye opening trip, but boy did i have to drop my standards on what was acceptable in terms of transport, accommodation and culinary delights. After all that time, the site of thick towels, clean, crisp linen and indulgent bathroom products had me almost screaming in delight. But of course we couldn’t buy anything as our bags were already full and we had a return ticket with a weight limit and a massive excess baggage fee, oh and not much money left after traveling for so long.

We were in LA for about a week waiting for our flight home, just in time for Christmas and we were exhausted. You know how you feel after a long trip, you have had a great time but look forward to going home, well after being away from home, and on the move every few days to a new and exciting destination, we were absolutely tapped of energy. So we did a few of the typical LA tourist things then we mostly hung out in out Inglewood hotel watching cable TV. Yes you read right i did say Inglewood, we were out of money and it was the only place we could afford for a week. It was entertaining that’s for sure. The one saving grace was the Bed, Bath and Beyond store just down the road. Just about every day, when we had had enough of the TV we would wander down to the street and spend a few hours exploring the massive store. We saw every inch of it and wanted to buy just about everything. I’m not sure if it is because we were so home sick, for Australia and all things that make you feel at home (i.e clean linen, towels etc), or because the store is actually as good as we remember it to be but i would love have a little browse again now that i have space and money. *Sigh* I miss Bed Bath and Beyond.

Anyway, sorry about the long rant, the actual point of this post was to show you the Bed, Bath & Table catalogue. The name of the Australian shop is very similar and i always accidentally refer to it as bed bath and beyond.  They sell homewares as well but not to the same scale of bed bath and beyond. I was shocked to discover that they don’t have a website. Don’t you find that weird in this technological age? Anyway the Christmas catalogue is out and i thought i would share the eye candy. Enjoy!

Are birds still in?

I love that they have used different side tables in the photo below. Well one is a chair but you know what i mean.

I just love the glass fronted hutch. I am desperate for one of these in my house.

Not a huge fan of the messy styling in this shot but the hutch is nice.

Red stripes are high on my like list at the moment, so the towel and deck chair below is perfect.

Christmas Table Centre Piece

I had to share these gorgeous pictures. I absolutely love the red balls hanging together. What a feature. I can totally do that. I promise to share if i do get a chance to do it when i style my house for Christmas. I can’t promise the table will look that good though.


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